Compliance Consultancy

Expertise to Simplify the Process from Start to Finish

Whatever your application, our compliance services team has vast expertise and a complete service portfolio that spans your business processes. Receive just the level of support you need – from complete project management to assistance in guiding your in-house team.

Why SCIEX Compliance Consultancy Services?

Compliance Consultancy Portfolio

IT/Database Consulting

Your lab is a unique combination of hardware, software, methodologies, and workflows. Sometimes standard installations aren't sufficient to capture the complexity of your situation, and an in-depth systems review is required to make efficiency and productivity improvements.

Services include:

  • Networking configuration and troubleshooting
  • Database administration
  • Custom configurations, reports, and alert notifications

Workflow Validation

Installation Qualification/Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) support is always available but, for those in regulated environments, you also need assistance validating instrument systems and platforms. To meet this need, our professional services teams offer end-to-end analytical and process system validation for your specific workflow.

To streamline the workflow validation process, you receive validation plans and unit tests tailored to your system implementation, corporate IT environment, network configuration, and workflows, enabling your systems to be up and running sooner.

In addition to industry expertise and technical knowledge, you receive the highest level of quality in project management. Following best practices set by the Project Management Institute you can be confident your project will be on-time, within budget and prescribed quality standards.

Instrument Interfacing

Making the instruments and software in your laboratory work together efficiently can be a challenge. The SCIEX Professional Services team provides instrument interfacing experts with wide-ranging experience to create seamless communications between your instruments and information systems. This service includes third-party instruments and software as well.

Development of custom software interfaces between:

  • SCIEX instrument software
  • Laboratory information management systems (LIMS, commercially and in-house developed)
  • Analysis applications
  • Proprietary data warehouses
  • SCIEX instrument software and third-party robotics/sample handling instruments

Custom Scripting and Interfaces

We provide development services for creating custom interfaces, reports, and automated script functionality for your LC-MS systems, Analyst® Software, and various laboratory information management (LIMS) and chromatography data systems.