Empowering Clinical Mass Spec Users with Resources to Succeed

As a mass spectrometry operator in a clinical laboratory, you are expected to perform routine testing techniques that quickly get the right results, within your first run. Your tasks lists include:

  • Prepare samples
  • Run tests
  • Report results

Scroll down to browse through our resources for users new to mass spectrometry as well as current mass spectrometry operators.

Resources for New Mass Spectrometry Users

We’ve designed this content to equip you with the fundamentals to help you understand:

  • The concept of mass spectrometric analysis in clinical labs
  • Basic elements of mass spectrometric experiments: sample preparation, mass analysis and data interpretation
  • How to maximize your performance and optimize your results on your SCIEX IVD system

Click the links below to discover the resources available to help you grow your IVD LC-MS/MS knowledge base.


The Use of Mass Spectrometry in the Clinical Laboratory


Basics of Mass Spectrometry and Its Use in the Clinical Laboratory


Getting started with LC-MS/MS in Your Clinical Laboratory


Walk-up Software for Routine Testing using LC-MS/MS

Resources for Experienced Mass Spectrometry Users

At SCIEX, we have a portfolio of medical devices developed to ensure your time is focused on delivering patient results to clinicians. Our wide range medical device and tools are:

  • Robust and easy to maintain
  • Powered by intuitive software that provides automation and ideal for data management: step-by-step workflows, straightforward batch building and data analysis with automated report creation
  • Compliance-driven with built-in LIMS connectivity to ensure your data integrity

We also offer solutions to help your diagnostics laboratory:

  • Overcome challenging applications with IVD LC-MS/MS: Why mass spectrometry is critical to your lab
  • Ensure your lab is inspection ready: Everything you need to know on using and maintaining your SCIEX IVD LC-MS/MS packaged in training modules, to support that help you manage your instruments, your data flow, and compliance


Automation and Data Management: Integrating LC/MS/MS into the Clinical Research Laboratory


The Role and Future of Mass Spectrometry in Laboratory Medicine


The Use of LC/MS/MS for Research Involving Vitamin D and Steroid Panel Analysis


Low-Level Steroid Analysis in Clinical Research by LC/MS/MS


Low-Level Steroid Analysis How to Bring Mass Spec In-House to Enhance Patient Care Clinical Research by LC/MS/MS